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Our Story

Our Story

NamNam is about repackaging the old and traditional into a modern interpretation of the increasingly popular Vietnamese street food.

Born in Vietnam, owner and founder Chef Nam fled to Denmark with his family in 1979 when Vietnam fell to the communists. Although he had only spent 7 years of his childhood in Saigon, his parents took every effort to ensure that he kept to his Vietnamese traditions and culture.

Instilled with Vietnamese pride, Nam embarked on a culinary expedition around the world. He has worked in various award-winning restaurants and hotels – such as the one Michelin star Le Canard Oslo and the prestigious Sukhothai Bangkok, where he took the reins as Executive Chef.

Despite his travels and exposure to various cuisines, Nam returned to his roots and finally opened NamNam  (f.k.a. NamNam Noodle Bar) on 15 October 2012.

The casual quick-service noodle bar took 5 years of careful planning before making its maiden debut in the bustling Raffles City Shopping Centre. NamNam is now one of the most popular Vietnamese restaurants in Singapore, serving up a variety of noodles, including Vietnam’s famous pho, as well as savoury baguettes known as banh mi. 

Every element, from the interior decoration and tightly arranged communal seatings, to the menu is carefully curated to resemble the nostalgic street setting in Vietnam, juxtaposed with an industrial chic touch. Based on old-world recipes with a modern twist, NamNam’s food transports diners to the vibrant streets of Vietnam.

Our Identity

Vietnamese Restaurant Logo NamNam

The logo is an integral aspect of our branding and can be seen at various parts of the restaurant.

Consisting of the “NamNam Boy”, the logo has become very distinctive of our brand.

The idea was to incorporate a simple yet recognisable logo. The NamNam Boy, wearing a conical hat – an iconic imagery of Vietnam – is most reminiscent of the daily life in Vietnam.

Slurping a bowl of noodles with a pair of chopsticks, the Boy symbolises NamNam’s mission of bringing together authentic Vietnamese street food in a modern setting.

The boy symbol is more than just a reflection of daily life in Vietnam. The logo is also about bringing families to eat together and appealing to all walks of life. The boy symbolises humbleness and simplicity – a place to bring everyone together.

Our colours are a unique blend of earthy tones, comprising shades of brown and beige, complemented by hues of dark red and blue, conveying old-school nostalgia that makes NamNam a truly unique Vietnamese concept.

NamNam Logo - Vietnamese Restaurant



Choose from a variety of toppings like beef slices, tendon, meatballs, or a combination of all! A meatless option is available with leafy greens, tomatoes, mushrooms, and tofu.


If you order additional toppings, begin by adding bean sprouts, fresh herbs (sweet basil and Vietnamese mint), and a little squeeze of lime. Push the garnish into the hot broth and gently mix with the noodles.


With a spoon in one hand and chopsticks in the other, lift noodles and enjoy, alternatively slurping the broth. Dig into your pho while it’s piping hot, otherwise it will turn soggy and taste bland.


Sriracha chili sauce and hoisin sauce are traditional condiments. Squeeze a little of each into a saucer. Mix both sauces together with your chopsticks.

5. DIP

Dip beef slices or other meat toppings you have into the hoisin-sriracha sauce mixture.


In Vietnam, it’s not considered rude to tip the bowl and slurp the broth. Go for it if you’re in the mood and savour every last drop!

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Same day delivery via Deliveroo.

Bulk Order (min $250) via Catersmith. Order must be placed at least 3 days in advance.


NamNam Jakarta can be ordered via the GO-JEK app.


Same day delivery via Deliveroo.

Bulk Order (min $250) via Catersmith. Order must be placed at least 3 days in advance.


NamNam Jakarta can be ordered via the GO-JEK app.